Jul 23, 2011

Farewell, Amy..

I can't fucking believe it..

I think someone said: 'her voice was not from this world so she just went somewhere else..' and now, that really makes all sense.

Farewell Amy, you had a tremendous great talent and you kicked ass, ... and i'm really sad to hear that you left.

May 15, 2011

This World - Zero 7

I know it's been a long time.. i thought this would be a good way to come back.

i can probably listen to this track like a million times on the row. Already did a few hundreds.

Jan 19, 2011

People with Guts and Soul #1 Aleix Gordo Hostau

Aloha señores (y señoras), esta es la primera foto de PEOPLE WITH GUTS AND SOUL, una serie en la que estoy trabajando y que a algunos os sonará porque ya os habré intentado comer el tarro para que participeis en el proyecto. Si ese es el caso, SI, os lo podeis tomar como un cumplido.. aunque el afortunado esta vez es Aleix Gordo Hostau, artista visual, mente inquieta y co-fundador de Goho Estudio, estudio de arte multidisciplinar con base en Barcelona.

Pasaros por mi web y veis una selección de fotos de la sesión.

Y aqui va el making of en video cortesía de Gustavo Lopez Lacalle, realizador extraordinaire.


Aloha ladies and gents, this is the first shot of PEOPLE WITH GUTS AND SOUL, a series i'm working into. It might sound familiar to you cause maybe i already tried to drag you into the project.. did i? Well if thats the case.. YEAH, you can take it as a compliment. However, this time the lucky one is Aleix Gordo Hostau, visual artist, inquisitive mind and co-founder of Goho Estudio, a multidisciplined art studio based in Barcelona.

Pay my web a visit and check out some more photos of the shooting.

Also here it goes the making of video courtesy of Gustavo Lopez Lacalle, documentalist extraordinaire.

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Jan 17, 2011

Marlena Shaw - Go away little boy

'Go Away Little Girl' is a popular song written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King. The lyrics consist of a young man asking an attractive young woman to stay away from him, so he won't be tempted to betray his steady girlfriend by kissing her.

Someone said about her (and i completely agree): 'Marlena Shaw doesn't take no mess. Tough as nails except where it counts, she says what she means and doesn't need to say it twice. Marlena knew what she wanted and stepped forward to get it. Her dusky voice ripened at Columbia in a songbook that smolders with the embers of old flames. With no nonsense and no niceties, she sings "Go Away Little Boy" for all the men who don't have the courage to satisfy a real W-O-M-A-N '

In my top 5 of the best spoken tracks ever.

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