Oct 29, 2012

We're gonna miss the candyman

The great Terry Callier died last night at the age of 67. Reports are that he was found dead in his home, but no details were given of where 'home' was or the details surrounding his death.

Today one of the most repeated headlines about it states that 'like England's Nick Drake, the Chicago-based Callier was largely overlooked for much of his artistic prime'. He truly was. He's often seen as one of those unsung heroes of jazz for releasing critically acclaimed albums that failed to find big commercial success. Now that doesn't change the fact that he was a huge influence and inspiration for the many people who got to appreciate his phenomenal talent. They (we) will probably agree with something he once said: “People respond to me because I’m a throwback to an older tradition that believed you should do more than sing a song for an audience, that you should make people feel something. You can make accessible music and still sing about love and peace and truth and life and death. In the end, those are the only things that matter.”

Farewell Terry, you made it count, you will be missed.

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