Jul 20, 2010

Crush matters. The spice of life, you know.

In the last couple of days two different people whose only connection is probably being friends of mine and also proficient at shaving their incipient morning beard just told me exactly the same two things: 1. That they split with their long time sweethearts and 2. That they fell in love again. With another subject, i mean.

Ha. I reckon that's just a clear and undeniable sign of pure good ol' school fortune. Damn, and i'm really glad for them.
Let's entertain a minute trying to find an answer to the following question: whats better than feeling your blood running through your veins everytime you just cross with that particular whoever? Hum. Maybe my homemade cocktails. But now thinking.. nah, not even then. And oh boy, they ARE good.

Right. This is a song for those ones who just found out that there're still matches in hand and wood in the oven. Congratulations you bastards. I'm happy for you.

Jul 17, 2010

Tyler Ramsey - "A Long Dream"

i stumbled into this gentleman of remarcable talent the other night while watching the movie i talked about just below. The fine tune in the following video is actually part of its OST (which is in fact a very good source of GREAT music, so in the future i'll probably try to burn your ear with recurrent mentions to it. Please note that you ARE just being warned and dont act all surprised later, right?..)

..aint it good? Go pay him a visit goddamnit.


Jul 14, 2010

The Vicious Kind

My friend Otto told me the other day that he linked my blog to his, he just wanted to gimme a hand with getting my work some exposure. (which is greatly appreciated btw). Now he was wondering.. 'are you gonna fucking BLOG every once in a year or what?. Well those werent his exact words but.. in essence that's pretty much what he meant, so.. lets stick to it.

In the meantime (till i find something so unbelievably intelligent to say).. this is a movie i watched the other night. Is in fact one of the best films i watched in a while,.. i later read that someone said about it something like 'there's a lot of hurting in it, and a lot of healing too'. I agree. And some great characters too, so.. go have a look. Adam Scott totally nails it and I think it kicks ass. Or as we say in Spain, es cojonuda.

Ah, just one more thing.. never trust anyone who says that swearing is rude. Swearing is actually an art and he must certainly be an uptight prick. Screw him. Or her.

Hope you enjoy the movie.

Jul 2, 2010

Some people make me wanna buy a gun


Apparently we live in a world where a woman can be accused of adultery even if she was raped AND therefore be largely punished to end up stoned to death. Awesome.

And then if you call them barbarians they say you're disrespectful with their culture & tradicions. Yeah what-e-v-e-r.


Read about it HERE (english)
HERE (english)

HERE (spanish)