Oct 10, 2010

Cheval Sombre 'I Found It Not So'

Cheval Sombre.

ANY day of the week. And i mean it.

I got to see him on stage last year, just by casualty. This music mag i used to work for sent me to cover a Festival called Tanned Tin where he'd play along with Spectrum, Dean&Britta,..the Black Lips (..No i cant see the logic on this bit of the lineup either..).

You know, it was one of these times when you think you're just gonna take the typical hit&run pictures of some bands you already shot but lucky enough some unexpected whoever totally blows up your mind. Now that whoever is in my opinion one of the most talented musicians i've ever got the chance to see live in a long long.. very long time.

Damn i even send him Christmas gifts in handmade packages. And hey, you can bet i don't do such a thing for hardly anyone.

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