Jul 14, 2010

The Vicious Kind

My friend Otto told me the other day that he linked my blog to his, he just wanted to gimme a hand with getting my work some exposure. (which is greatly appreciated btw). Now he was wondering.. 'are you gonna fucking BLOG every once in a year or what?. Well those werent his exact words but.. in essence that's pretty much what he meant, so.. lets stick to it.

In the meantime (till i find something so unbelievably intelligent to say).. this is a movie i watched the other night. Is in fact one of the best films i watched in a while,.. i later read that someone said about it something like 'there's a lot of hurting in it, and a lot of healing too'. I agree. And some great characters too, so.. go have a look. Adam Scott totally nails it and I think it kicks ass. Or as we say in Spain, es cojonuda.

Ah, just one more thing.. never trust anyone who says that swearing is rude. Swearing is actually an art and he must certainly be an uptight prick. Screw him. Or her.

Hope you enjoy the movie.


  1. My words were: "con lo bien que escribes y lo bien que haces fotos, why the hell no te pones a escribir y postear en el blog, dammit?"
    Tomo nota de esta peli :)

  2. Se habrá percatado usted que le he hecho caso y que ya me voy explayando. Y encima cada vez mas a mis anchas, asi que vaya usted a saber en que acabará esto.

    Se empieza con un blog pedorro y se acaba reuniendo firmas para que le retiren a Penelopipi el Oscar de la academia por Vozdepato y Coleccionista de Yankinovios.

    Espera y verás.