Jul 2, 2010

Some people make me wanna buy a gun


Apparently we live in a world where a woman can be accused of adultery even if she was raped AND therefore be largely punished to end up stoned to death. Awesome.

And then if you call them barbarians they say you're disrespectful with their culture & tradicions. Yeah what-e-v-e-r.


Read about it HERE (english)
HERE (english)

HERE (spanish)


  1. Don´t mess with patriarchy ...... havin biologically a dingalinglong in terms of gender hangin between your legs, it turns always out as a serious thing!!!!!!

  2. Yeah thats probably what THEY think. My beloved mather (a woman of fine perceptiveness) would say that some people have their blood running to the wrong side. Bad points of human brains being located up and bollocks down, you see..

  3. Of course your beloved mather is a wise woman, but if you didn´t mention her, i would have guessed that supernena has dropped some words of wisdom ;)

  4. She always does, good ol' Supernena. Eeeach and every single time, but knowing me a little you should already be aware of that, shouldnt you..

    She's still not sure if we should call my attorney or if you are in fact..HIM.

    May this be or not be the case, open up the goddamn courtains and let me see your face. Or i'll have no other chance but thinking you aint got what it takes..

    Your turn.

  5. Ok, maybe we should do it in the old deconstruction derrida style and clarify who do you mean by HIM? You know, there is nothing outside the text. :-P haha, i think i´ve written at least 5 emails in the past months... without getting any reply;) BUT i´ve learned my research well.... and imagine a world without Hyperlinks, gnaaahhh hell no.

    Ok, i think it´s time to lift the curtain: It´s LUKA, remember? If not, a little hint: BBB

  6. God Almighty, you alive??

    where the hell did you send those emails to??

    Man i've got stories.. this is been a proper extravaganza of rebelions for starter followed by some glimpse of armageddon as the main dish but.. INDEED, still alive.n.kicking.

    Ha. We should cross paths again one of these days shouldnt we?

  7. I´ve send those email to all the hotmail-accounts i got from you, th elast one i´ve sent was to your homepage email. So, if you have an email from luke.stylewalker in your spam folder, it´s mine. I was really worrying how you are,haven´t seen you for a while on msn:-( Otherwise if you have skype, add luckyluka30 (recklinghausen), got lots to tell and would be really nice to see and hear you again ;)

    If one thing was really positive at bbb, it was getting to know you.... Yeah, mos def our path shall cross again.