Sep 12, 2013

James Blake 'Retrograde'

Yeah i know, its been a while. Again. I was probably just waiting for an appropriate comeback, on style and all that, you know...  so here it goes. The wonderfull (but) hideous Lewis Taylor meets Radiohead, to say the least. One of the most hypnotic, beautiful, obscure-but-at-the-same-time-so bright, uber badass tunes that i've heard in a long long time. You know that i wouldn't lie on that one.

For the record: brutally honest and as much as i'd love to take ALL the credit for finding the golden egg (and really, i'd love to) we're gonna have to thank here mister 'M' and his good eye. Or actually EAR. May you be wondering.. 'is that for Monkey?'. Nah, its not. But he's a shy gentleman though, so lets keep his identity a classified file, shall we? Yeah.

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Oct 29, 2012

We're gonna miss the candyman

The great Terry Callier died last night at the age of 67. Reports are that he was found dead in his home, but no details were given of where 'home' was or the details surrounding his death.

Today one of the most repeated headlines about it states that 'like England's Nick Drake, the Chicago-based Callier was largely overlooked for much of his artistic prime'. He truly was. He's often seen as one of those unsung heroes of jazz for releasing critically acclaimed albums that failed to find big commercial success. Now that doesn't change the fact that he was a huge influence and inspiration for the many people who got to appreciate his phenomenal talent. They (we) will probably agree with something he once said: “People respond to me because I’m a throwback to an older tradition that believed you should do more than sing a song for an audience, that you should make people feel something. You can make accessible music and still sing about love and peace and truth and life and death. In the end, those are the only things that matter.”

Farewell Terry, you made it count, you will be missed.

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Jul 21, 2012

Bootstraps - Fortyfive

Music that becomes your soundtrack: See, sometimes you stumble upon a tune and then you cant stop listening to it. Here we go. how did i get to hear about these amazing gentlemen? well, they made quite a big part of this film's ost. Now you should watch it too.. it actually is a quite damn FINE movie.

Mar 29, 2012

Alive.n.kicking Photography meets Goho Estudio's mural painting

Recently my friend (and by the way excellent visual artist) Aleix Gordo Hostau from Goho Estudio asked me to do the photo coverage of a huge wall painting at the new Hotel Vincci Bit Barcelona. Each floor has been decorated by a different artist, in this particular case Aleix and his team painted an area of 200m2 over a month of hard work. It looks pretty AWESOME.

To check all the footage go to this album on my website, and if you want to know more abut the whole project just click here.


Recientemente mi buen amigo (y de paso excelente artista visual) Aleix Gordo Hostau de Goho Estudio me encargó hacer un reportaje fotográfico sobre el mural que ha realizado en el nuevo hotel Vincci Bit Barcelona. Cada planta del Hotel ha sido decorada por un artista diferente, en este caso Aleix y su equipo han cubierto con sprays y pinceles una superficie de mas de 200m2 a lo largo de todo un mes de trabajo. Ha quedado MUY impresionante.

Para ver todas las fotos pásate por este album en mi web, y para saber mas del proyecto clica aqui.

Mar 3, 2012

People with Guts and Soul #3 Xavi Olle

Xavi Ollé es un fenómeno. Es un ingeniero de sonido excepcional pero sobre todo un tio genuino que si no hubiese nacido en el Baix Llobregat seguro que lo hubiera hecho en Nashville (si no que se lo pregunten a los miembros de su banda, 'The Booty hunters').

Cuando le pregunté si había algun lugar en particular en el que le gustaría que hiciesemos la sesión enseguida me habló de un rincón remoto en el Montseny donde siendo un crio solía ir a bañarse cada verano.. asi que alli nos fuimos con un banjo y unas cervezas, a repetir la foto unas cuantas décadas después, rodeados de mosquitos y los 35 grados de rigor de finales de Julio.

Pasaros por mi web para verle protagonizar la tercera entrega de la serie PEOPLE WITH GUTS AND SOUL, esta vez con banda sonora de bluegrass. Aqui va.


Xavi Ollé is a phenomenon. He is an excepcional sound engineer and a genuine man who if hadn't been born at the baix LLobregat would definitely have come into the world in Nashville (ask his band mates at 'The Booty Hunters' and they'll tell you)

When i asked him if there would be any particular place he would like to pick up for the shooting he immediately mentioned this remote spot at the Montseny where he used to go swimming during the summers when he was a little kid.. so there we went with a banjo and a bunch of beers to recreate the picture a few decades later, surrounded by an army of mosquitos and the usual 35 degrees of a late July day.

Swing by my website to see him star at the third chapter of PEOPLE WITH GUTS AND SOULseries, this time with a bluegrass soundtrack. Here it goes.